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Oliver Wholecut Embossed Oxford

Oliver Wholecut Embossed Oxford

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Oliver leather wholecut Oxford shoes with a TPR sole offer a stylish and versatile footwear option. They allow you to stand out with their unique texture while providing comfort and practicality for everyday wear. Whether you're attending a formal event or simply want to add a touch of sophistication to your daily outfits, these shoes can be an excellent choice.


1. Textured Leather Upper: Instead of a smooth leather upper, these shoes feature a textured or embossed leather. This texture can vary, but it often adds depth and visual interest to the shoes. Common textured patterns include pebble grain, brogue detailing, or other embossed designs. Textured leather not only enhances the aesthetics but can also be more forgiving in terms of hiding minor scuffs or imperfections.

2. Wholecut Design: As previously mentioned, wholecut Oxfords have a sleek and minimalist design, with a one-piece upper that creates a clean and polished appearance. The textured leather adds a unique twist to this classic style.

3. TPR Sole: The TPR sole provides comfort, flexibility, and good traction. It is a practical choice for daily wear as it can withstand various weather conditions and terrains while offering more cushioning and support than traditional leather soles.

4. Oxford Style: These shoes maintain the formal Oxford style with a closed lacing system. This design is ideal for formal occasions, business attire, or any situation where a polished appearance is required.

5. Versatility: The combination of the textured leather upper and TPR sole makes these shoes versatile. They can be worn with formal attire, but the textured leather also adds character, making them suitable for business-casual settings or dressing up a more relaxed outfit.

6. Maintenance: Textured leather may require slightly different maintenance compared to smooth leather. It may be less prone to visible scuffs but might need specific care products to maintain its texture and appearance.

Upper  Leather
Lining   Leather
Insole   Cellulose Board
Sole   TPR

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